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How to customize your own diamond painting?


1. Simply upload your photo and we'll take care of the rest!

Free Photo Enhancements With Every Order

Our expert design team carefully reviews and optimizes every image to guarantee a beautiful result. What enhancements do we make to your photo?         

2. Choose a canvas size

Choose a size based on how many people are in your photo. Bigger is always better.


How to Choose a perfect photo for custom diamond painting?

Not every photo works well in a Diamond Painting. In order to get your perfect diamond painting, make sure your photo is...

  • High Quality (Large)

  • Bright (Not Too Many Shadows)

  • Cropped Correctly (Match Canvas To Image Dimensions) 

How to finish your custom diamond painting?

 Step by step instructions:

  1. Take out all the diamond painting tools
  2. Put the corresponding diamonds on the plate.
  3. Apply some glue to the tip of the pen
  4. Stick diamonds with the pen tip.
  5. Paste the diamonds on the corresponding number.
  6. Flatten the picture with a book after you finish your diamond painting!  

Hope you enjoy the diamond paintings!

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